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You are very welcome to add your comments about a book you have read, or if you’re looking for a book to read have a look at some of the recommendations and see if that helps 🙂

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  1. I’ve just finished reading Blood Diamonds by Richard Mc Andrew. It’s easy to read and it’s an interesting story. It’s a real page turner witn a good twist. If you like thrillers you must read this book. You will love this book.

  2. I’ve just read ” Don’t stop now” by Philip Prowse.
    To start with I didn’t like the front cover, but I really enjoyed the story.
    It’s story about love and fraud.
    It’s completely unpredictable.
    A good read!

  3. I’ve just read Dirty Money by Sue Leather.
    When I first saw this book it reminded me of my holiday. On holiday I saw mountains and big blue lakes.
    I like this book, because it’s about a young couple who move from England to Canada and completely change their life.

  4. I’ve just read “Bad Love” by Sue Leather. This book is a criminal story and really interesting. I first thought this book was a romance, but later I discovered it was a murder mystery, unfortunately this book is predictable. Thought for a long time who the killer was.

  5. I’ve just read “Dirty money” by Sue Leather.
    For me this book is very boring and predictable. It was very easy to read. I need a book with more action and more difficult words.

  6. I’ve just read the book “John Doe” by Antoinette Moses. It’s a murder mystery. I like books that scare me and which are unpredictable. I would love to read this book on a stormy nigt. I love meeting everyone at Jez’s book club. More books please.

  7. I`ve just read the book,”just like a movie”by Sue Leather.This story`s very interesting,romantic and emotional.It`s about a man who likes to watch movies and he wants everything to be like it is in the movies.Very original!

  8. I’m half way through Don’t Stop Now by Phillip Prowse. I’m from Italy and this book includes some “Mafiosi” which for me is very cultural. It’s exciting, interesting and unpredictable.
    You should read it!

  9. I have just read “Dirty money”by Sue Leather.This is a thriller.Joe and his wife Sandy live in Canada.Joe is a journalist.His wife is a doctor.Near their house is a mine,but what is in it? Read this book to find out!

  10. “Not Above The Law” A great criminal story. I couldn’t stop reading it even though I’m not really a fan of detective stories. Although it was a bit predictable, it was still very gripping!

  11. I read DIRTY MONEY by Sue Leather.For me this book is very easy and interesting story,but I need a book more unpredictable.

  12. I’ve just read Blood Diamonds by Richard Mc Andrew.This book is thriller.It’s exciting,interesting and completely unpredictable.I like books which are unpredictable.

  13. I’ve started reading Don’t Stop Now by Philip Prowse. It immediately grabbed my attention. I can’t wait to see what happens. Good read everybody.

  14. I’ve just read WHY? by Philip Prowse.This story’s very gripping,interesting and sad.Everybody should read it.

  15. I’ve just read “Book boy”by Antoniette Moses.That book was so interesting,that it grabbed my attention very quickly.This story really moved me.From the start i really liked David,because he was a very nice,brave and good boy.This book has a happy ending and that’s why I recommend it to everyone.

  16. I’ve just read “Bad love” by Sue Leather.This book is an interesting story and is unpredictable.This book quickly grabbed my attention.It’s a murder mystery.I like books which are gripping.

  17. Inspector Logan by Richard MacAndrew is the first book in English I have ever finished reading! I could understand everything! I was so happy when I finished and I can’t wait to read my next book!

  18. I’ve just read “Just like a movie” by Sue Leather.
    I like this story. It made me feel excited and sometimes scared
    because story is about love and death.
    This story is about young men and two young girls. The story is full of twists.
    The story is completely unpredictable.

  19. I’ve just read “The Girl at the window” by Antoinette Moses. This book’s genre is ghost story. It made me feel excited and sometimes scared, but it was interesting.

  20. The title of the book is “Hotel Casanova” and the author is Sue Leather.
    It is a romance about a young man who has dreams and big plans for his life.
    But everything changes in his life when a beautiful women arrives at the hotel where he works.
    This is a really interesting story. I recommend this book to people who like romance.

  21. I’ve just finished reading”Let me out”by Antoniette Moses.This is a horror.There is a lot of misery,saddness and it made me feel afraid and misgiving.John makes a robot and calls him Nolan.Nolan can do anything John wants.But Nolan isn’t happy…This book is exciting and unpredictable.A good read.

  22. I’ve just read”Book boy”by Antoniette Moses.This book immediately grabbed my attention.David makes friends with Ella and he wants to help her.But David doesn’t know anything about Ella.This is an interesting story.I recommend it to everyone.

  23. I finished reading my book yesterday. The title of the book was “The double bass mystery” by Jeremy Harmer.
    The story took place in Barcelona. It was about players from the symphony orchestra, and about love and death .
    It was such an interesting book, full of twists, and the end of story was completely unpredictable. I really enjoyed the story.
    I recommend this book to everyone who likes murder mysteries.

  24. I’ve just finished reading “Inspector Logan” by Richard MacAndrew. It`s an interesting book about the clever inspector Logan, who investigates a womans murder. it’s good to see a female detective for a change!

  25. I have just read two books, ‘Next door to love’ by Margaret Johnson and ‘Blood Diamonds’ by Richard MacAndrew.I preferred ‘Next door to love’-it is more my kind of book about love and the problems that come with it.I think it is a good reflection of real life dilemmas we all experience.

  26. I have just read ‘Bad love’ by Sue Leather.This book is a murder mystery. I loved this book, I really recommend it to anyone who likes murder mysteries!
    I’ve also recently read ‘Hotel Casanova’ and ‘Just like a movie’ by Sue Leather. I really like books by this author!

  27. I’ve just read ”Just like a movie” by Sue Leather.This is a thiller and really interesting story. Sometimes I felt scared, sometimes it made me feel excited.This book is really unpredictable.Recommend it to everyone.

  28. This evening was another evening for Jez’s book club. I love our meetings where we discuss each other’s books. I’ve just read “The girl at the window” by Antoinette Moses. It’s a ghost story whitch left me feeling anxious to discover what would happen next. I felt scared and it gave me goosebumps! Excellent!!!

  29. I’ve finished reading my book “The Ironing Man” by Collin Campbell.
    This story is about a young couple. Tom and Marinna have moved from London to a small village.
    Marinna’s life is bored but one day all changed when a young man appears at the door.
    I think it has a good ending because Tom finally understands how important Marinna is to him.
    This book was interesting and full of humour. I really enjoyed this book.

  30. I read two books”Dead cold” by Sue Leather and “Just good friends”by Penny Hancock.I prefer”Just good friends”-this book really reflects something that happened in my life.Two couples were good friends but after spending a holiday together in Italy one couple split up.You have to read it to find out why!
    This book was interesting and this was the eleventh book that I’ve read!I’m very happy,want to read more and more!!!

  31. Hi! I’m Alex and I’m from Spain. The story I’ve read was “Strong Medicine”, written by Richard Macandrew. Through this story, the main characters, Dr. Latto and Martinez detective, will have to discover the reasons of Dr. Deborah’s death and the strange things related to the murder. This story is full of mistery, distrust and economic interests.
    In my opinion, I think these kind of books could be very good for teenagers because they’re very easy to read, you can read them quickly and they tell us interesting and entertaining stories. I would encourage students to read these kind of books because they’ll definitely enjoy them.

  32. I’ve just read the book called “The Ironing Man” by Collin Campbell. This book is about a couple who moved to a small village. The woman doens’t work and she isn’t very happy. One day, a man knocks on their door and changes their lives.
    It’s a easy and interesting book.

  33. We’re four spanish students. We’ve just read ‘Just good friends’ by Penny Hancock.
    It’s a romantic story about two couples who have love problems between them. We really like this book, but the end is a little bit boring.
    However, we think that you should read it!

  34. Hello!
    I am Miriam , and I am from Spain .
    I ‘ ve just read ” Different Worlds ” By Margaret Johnson , and this book is about the Romance of a deaf girl who loves a shop assistant , but she never thought it was posible because of her disability.

    I think it’s a good book because at the end the girl can solve love’s stereotypes but I think it’s quite predictable too.

    I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

  35. I’ve just finished reading “Apollo’s Gold” by Antoinette Moses.
    It’s a very good book with an interesting storyline. And there is a very good description of the Greek islands.
    I think that there could be more characters but I like the story any way.

    Greetings from Spain!

  36. Hi! I’m Pablo, I’m from Spain and I’ve just read the book “Superbird” by Brian Tomlinson. It’s very easy to read, but it’s too predictable.
    It’s about aliens and spaceships. I think it’s a good book to start with. Personally, I should be reading something more challenging.

  37. Hello! I’m Sabela and I’m from Spain.
    I’ve just read “The Beast”, written by Carolyn Walker. The story is about a couple who are on holiday and strange and mysterious things start to happen.
    The book is predictable but I liked it.

    I think you’ll enjoy it!.

  38. Hi! I’m from Spain. I’ve just finished The Double Bass Mistery, by Jeremy Harmer. It’s about a murder connected with a robbery. It’s quite predictable, but I liked it any way because I think the topic is interesting.

  39. Hello! My name is Uxia and I’m from Spain.
    I’ve just finished reading “How I met Myself” by David A.Hill.
    It’s a gripping book, I couldn’t stop reading! and the end was completely different to how I thought It would be. I love it!
    It’s completely fantastic!

  40. Hi! I’m Nerea and I’m from Spain. I’ve just read Dead Cold by Sue Leather and I think it’s a good book that is very gripping. The story is about a dead girl and a detective who is searching for the killer. The main characters are the dead girl and the detective, although it’ a shame that the girl is dead as she is so nice! I think other English students like me will enjoy this book.

  41. I’ve just finished reading “Eye of the storm” by Mandy Loader and it’s about a hurricane that comes to Florida and the people have to go to another place. The character, Ikemi, has to find her father because he’s stranded on a fishing boat in the ocean. I like this book because I like these kinds of books, but it was a bit boring at times.

    Hugs from Spain

  42. I’ve finished reading 5 books.
    By Bernard Smith – The man from Nowhere, by David A.Hill – How I met myself, by Helen Naylor – One day, by Philip Prowse -Double Cross, by Mandy Loader – Eye of the storm.
    I like all these books because they are really interesting stories.
    But I really enjoyed the book by Philip Prowse – Double Cross. This book is really gripping. This story is about a young woman who is an agent and her name is Monika. She found out who the killer was and she crossed the world through Finland, England, South Africa and Mozambique.
    I recommend this book to everyone! 😉

  43. I’ve just read”Don’t stop now” by Philip Prowe.This is a thiller.I read again and again,because this book is really interesting.It made me feel sometimes scared end excited.Read this book to find out!

  44. I’ve just read “John Doe” by Antoinette Moses. It’s a murder mystery.I have read this book in 15 min,because it immediately grabbed my attention.This story made me scared and I felt excited.This book is completeliy unpredictable.You should read it!

  45. I’ve just red the book “Three Tommorrows” by Frank Brennan. It’s three short stories about our world in the future. How will people be when everything is virtual? The water is dirty and there is no food. It’s a very interesting book.

  46. I finished reading the House by the sea by Patricia Aspinall. This story is about a young couple who get married after University, but then something happens when they buy a new house by the sea in the small village.
    The front cover shows that this book might be interesting but now having read this book I think it was a bit boring and predictable for me.
    However it’s very sad when people underestimate what are the most important things in their life, and I think tis book makes you think about that.

  47. I’ve just read Strong Medicine by Richard Macandrew. It’s such an interesting story about doctor Lotto who was traveling from Scotland to Santa Cruz. This story is full of twists, when I read it I felt excited and this story really grabbed my attention.
    I recommend this book to everyone who likes stories full of danger and excitement 😉

  48. I’ve just read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
    It’s an interesting story, a lot of new words, but easy to read. I think this is a good book for students who wants to improve their English.
    The pictures describes story at the book and helps so easy to understand, but CD’s helps improve listening and good pronunciation in English.

    I recommend this book to students who are interesting about improving their language. 😉

  49. My book of this week is Macbeth adapted by Brigit Viney. It is a famous classic of Shakespeare.
    The fact of it being a comic makes it more intriguing for the reader to carry on reading. The illustrations are fantastic and the CD really helps you to understand the novel.
    The vocabulary wasn’t very difficult, it was more for a beginner level.
    I think the idea of the comic will work more on teenagers rather adults. The images will make it more interesting for them.
    I really enjoyed reading it.

  50. Hello, I’m Vineta from Latvia.
    Today is a special day for us who meet at the book club. The Book Club is celebrating its 1 year birthday.
    This briliant idea came from my teacher Jez 1year ago. His idea worked great, because my English speaking, writing and listening has all improved a lot. My conversation with other people is better than 1 year before. I’ve read more than 60 books now!
    The Book club has made me more confident too!

    I’m thankful for the book club!

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