Friday, June 18th, 2010

EFL Reading in Cafes

Video:  Jez Uden on Extensive Reading and Book Clubs

Here’s how it works…

Ok, it’s really as simple as it sounds…I began by having a meeting in a cafe with a group of my EFL learners. I gave them a brochure of graded readers (Cambridge), and allowed them to discuss the different books and genres. After a lot of good chatting I was given a list of books to order.

We meet every week in a cafe in Lincoln and have a good chat about the books in a very relaxed, fun, and natural environment. There are some obvious advantages of having learners read different books as opposed to all reading the same book. Firstly they are free to choose whatever books they like, and secondly they can then recommend each other books to read as they go along!

It wasn’t long before other learners heard about the reading group, and now I have several groups of varying levels…it won’t be long before I’m charging the cafes commission!

If you are doing something similar, or interested in doing something similar please get in touch! Teachers and students can post blogs here and more and more students can start sharing their experiences of reading with each other. They can recommend books or search for recommendations for their own future reading.

I look forward to reading your comments